Horse “Shit” Spices


Why such a “dirty” word to describe this delicious spice? Well, it isn’t actually a dirty word in Yiddish. Chef Marla’s great grandmother cooked solely by the Yiddish “Shit-arein” method, which translated means, “to throw a little of this and a little of that” …. and it’s a method of cooking that she continues to use to this day.


Horse Shit arein spices by Chef Marla –  A natural on prime rib, roasts & steaks. Incredible mixed with butter & spread on fish such as salmon or mahi mahi.  Also Mix with mayo for an aoli or with ketchup for a seafood dipping sauce.

Horse Shit Spice

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Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 4.18 × 2 × 1.75 in